Botho is what it is, because of who we all are!

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Our Name!

“One earns respect by respecting and empowering others.”

This is only one aspect of Botho in African culture.
However, Botho is more than a word, it is a philosophy!

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We're Different!

Botho is introducing a new paradigm for designing, manufacturing and delivering high quality eyewear.

Learn Why...

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1. We are Open Source!

We believe that fashion should involve your creativity in all levels. As such, Botho progressively introduces a small number of classic eyewear designs to seed your imagination while making our blueprints freely available.

From there, the community in collaboration with our designers will deliver beautiful eyewear.

This is how we conceive fashion, From You - For You!

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2. We Give Back!

We are in discussions with charities and Non-Profit Organizations to find the most effective ways of giving back to communities that matter.

Even though we cannot disclose more information now, rest assured that with our Reward Points scheme for every pair of glasses you purchase, your contribution will reach its destination.

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3. Quality Matters!

We want only the best for your eyes. Our hand-crafted sunglasses are manufactured in Europe using high quality Cellulose Acetate made from natural cotton and wood fibers.

We go the extra mile by protecting your eyes with Polarized Lenses that block reflected light. What you gain is improved sight with reduced glare to enjoy every moment.

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